Celebrating Breast Feeding Awareness in Todmorden

DSC00309Breastfeeding Awareness Week, week commencing 19th June 2017 was celebrated by our Breastfeeding Peer support group in Todmorden.  We used the theme ‘Support’.  A local business, ‘Physio and Therapies’ visited the breastfeeding support group on Thursday 22nd June 2017, to offer reflexology and expertise in women’s health.  Physio and Therapies supported Breastfeeding Awareness Week last year and was a huge success. This awareness week is a great opportunity to promote the support we give locally.  Mum’s who receive support with breastfeeding either from a friend, family member, health professional or peer support will breastfeed for longer.  It is important to highlight that support is part of our everyday practice and continuously seen as a crucial element to the Service and Peer Support.  Whilst it is nice to have an awareness week dedicated to this, we are dedicated to giving support every day.  The breastfeeding group this week had 43 mothers and babies attend, due to health and safety we relocated to the hall with the help of many members of the Children’s Centre staff.  The sessions were greatly enjoyed and we receive very positive feedback.

Upper Valley – Todmorden breastfeeding group

100% of people say that attending the group has helped them to breastfeed for longer

What people have to say about Todmorden breastfeeding group

They have all the answers to any breastfeeding questions – absolutely fantastic support.”

“It’s a very supportive group, not just for breastfeeding but emotional support in general.”

“I am breastfeeding my 2 year old and plan to carry on thanks to this group for all their support.”

“I have made many friends at this group and has been a great help to me as I am quite new to the area.”

“She has been attending since 2 weeks old, this group has helped her develop social skills as well as in a host of areas.  When she plays with dolls she feeds them herself and understands. E.g. Baby animals feed from their mums etc.”


If you would like to find out more about the breastfeeding support that we offer at our Children’s Centres get in touch with our Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinator Rebecca Harrison