Children’s Centres

The core purpose of children’s centres is to improve outcomes for young children and their families, with a particular focus on those in greatest need. They work to make sure all children are properly prepared for school, regardless of background or family circumstances. They also offer support to parents.

Halifax Opportunities Trust has developed and delivered a range of community based services for families with young children in the Central Halifax Area for many years. In 2014 we won a contract to deliver Children’s Centres services at 11 sites throughout Calderdale from Todmorden to Siddal. Below is a list of all our Children’s Centres along with information.


This modern, purpose-built children’s centre in the heart of the west central Halifax community offers a light and airy environment where children can be cared for while learning and developing to their full potential. A well-equipped play area offers a safe and stimulating space for children to explore the natural outdoors. 

Address: Jubilee Children’s Centre, Jubilee Centre, Lightowler Road, Halifax, HX1 5NB
Telephone: 01422 342552

Please note:
If you are newly pregnant and needing an appointment they need to ring the Maternity Booking Line: Mon – Fri 08:30 – 12:30 – 01422 261351

If you already have a midwife and are receiving maternity care and they need NONE URGENT advice they can contact the advice line: Mon – Fri  – 08:30 – 4:30  01422 261364


Little Stars at Parkinson Lane

Little Stars Children’s Centre is situated below Parkinson Lane Primary School. The convenient location offers easy access to wheelchair users and on-site parking. There is a large crèche area, kitted out with new furniture and resources, a training kitchen, two large meeting rooms, a health room and a one-to-one room. Facilities offered by Sure Start in the centre include an on-site ante-natal service, toddler groups, and adult learning groups.

Address: Little Stars at Parkinson Lane Children’s Centre, Parkinson Lane, Halifax, HX1 3XL
Telephone: 01422 252022

Little Stars at Warley Rd

Little Stars Children’s Centre at Warley Road delivers high quality care and education across the community, respecting the needs of individual family units. The centre is community driven and works in partnership with a wide range of individuals, schools and agencies to provide a one-stop shop to health, adult learning, and childcare and early education services. There is a large crèche area, kitted out with new furniture and resources, one large meeting room, a one-to-one room. Facilities include an on-site ante-natal service, toddler groups, and adult learning groups.

Address: Little Stars at Warley Road Children’s Centre, Warley Road School, Warley Road, Halifax, HX1 3TG
Telephone: 01422 252022


Siddal Children’s Centre is in the same building as Siddal Primary School, in the heart of Siddal. It is easily accessible on foot or by road from Backhold Lane along with public transport available right outside. We also have a satellite centre in Southowram on the same site as Withinfields Primary School. We offer a warm, friendly nursery and a large community room with activities for parents and children from 0 to 19 years. Services offered include adult and family learning, weekly groups for children from 0 to 5 years, holiday activities, support looking for work and training, and health services such as antenatal and baby clinic. 

Siddal Children’s Centre is on facebook –  please like, comment and share our page! 

Search for Siddal Children’s Centre – Backhold Lane or click here

Address: Siddal Children’s Centre, Siddal Primary School, Backhold Lane, Siddal, Halifax, HX3 9DL
Telephone: 01422 395501


Southowram Sure Start Centre is a new building situated behind Withinfields Primary School offering a multipurpose room and kitchen equipped with new furniture and toys. The centre is a satellite of Siddal Children’s Centre and delivers activities and services tailored to and accessible for families in the Southowram area. As a satellite centre, we only open when there is an activity running. Our Activity Timetable is updated every month below.

Address: Southowram Children’s Centre, Withinfields, Southowram, HX3 9JT
Telephone: 01422 395501 / 353529


Boothtown Children’s Centre is based behind Rawson Junior, Infant and Nursery School. There is a large crèche area, kitted out with new furniture and resources, a training kitchen, a community / meeting room as well as a quiet room.

Boothtown Children’s Centre is on Facebook – please like, comment and share our page! Search for Boothtown Children’s Centre – Rawson Street North or click here

Address: Boothtown Children’s Centre, Rawson J, I & Nursery School, Rawson Street North, Boothtown Road, Halifax, HX3 6PU
Telephone:  01422 250365 


Todmorden Children’s Centre is situated on Burnley Road in Todmorden, and supports children and families of the Todmorden area; this includes Todmorden, Cornholme, Walsden and Eastwood. It has a weekly timetable of activities aimed to support the growth and development of young children, whilst being fun. The centre also offers sessions for parents for example Young Parent’s group and Dad’s Group, and we run adult training sessions. Please contact the centre for further details.

Address: Todmorden Children’s Centre, Todmorden Community College, Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 7BX
Telephone: 01706 399970

Community Early Years

Our Community Early Years team run a weekly youth group for 7 to 10 year olds called Fun4Youths, watch this short film and see how the group has made a difference to the children’s lives.

Dads and Male Carers

Our Centres aren’t just for mums and their children, dads are welcome at all our groups too.

We run a dedicated ‘Dad’s Group’ where the little ones can come and play with their dads, grandads, step dads, male carers and other children in a friendly, fun environment. We organise various activities including creative activities: drawing; painting; board games; basket ball; badminton; games in the outback and other activities that the dads would like to do.

Join our Dad’s Group on Facebook for up-to-date information about Dads Group and helpful tips and advice.