Join us for Community Business Weekend 2018

All over England people are coming together to make a difference in their community.  There are nearly 7000 community businesses in England and the sector is growing.  Community Business weekend 4-7th May is an opportunity to fling open our doors and invite people in to hear our story and get involved.

As part of Community Business Weekend 2018 we are inviting our Elsie Whiteley and Hanson Lane tenants to breakfast at Elsie Whiteley’s Café no 5 next Wednesday 2nd May.  We are extending this invitation to anyone who would like to attend, whether you are a local business or a local person interested in finding out more about what we do as a #communitybusiness we’d love to welcome you Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre.

If you would like to attend and you’d like some breakfast ordering please contact [email protected] to RSVP.