Nurseries are ‘Outstanding’


Four of our day nurseries have now been rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.  Siddal Children’s centre joins Sowerby New Road, Jubilee and Todmorden in Ofsted’s top bracket.  In it’s report on Siddal, Ofsted said: ”Staff have high aspirations for all children and have a firm belief that all children are competent learners.  ”Consequently, all children thrive and excel in their learning.  ”Children’s learning and independence are significantly enhanced because of staff’s high quality, fun and motivating teaching and exemplary learning environment.  Th provider and staff at all levels have an exceptional and admirable passion and dedication to families.”

Andrea Briggs, one of our three Children’s centre delivery managers said: ”We are absolutely delighted that Ofsted have recognised the high standards of teaching, learning and care offered to children by our dedicated staff team.”  Our CEO Alison Haskins said: ”This is testament to to our focus on social outcomes and the passion of the team when it comes to supporting families in Calderdale.  ”The Trust is incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication of the entire Children’s Centre staff, for the wonderful children that attend our nurseries and for the continued support of the parents and carers.”

You can read the full Ofsted report for Siddal here.