Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, one of Halifax Opportunities Trust’s subsidiaries, is delighted to announce the latest installation of their ongoing Industry Rising series. This month sees an exhibition entitled ‘Micro to Macro’ from local design and architecture studio, Gagarin. Gagarin is fronted by husband and wife team, Steve and Gayle, who made the decision to base their studio in Halifax after moving back North from successful careers at practices in London. “We felt that towns in the North, like Halifax have the most to gain from good-quality, inspirational design and architecture and are somewhat untapped in terms of regeneration potential despite having a fantastic collection of historic buildings – though that is changing now with the developments around Square Chapel, the new library and the Piece Hall. ”

Industry Rising is a rolling exhibition programme curated by Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre and celebrating the new, innovative and inspiring stories behind some of Calderdale’s most recent business start-ups as well as the more established organisations that embrace the alternative when it comes to business.

The industrial heritage of Calderdale has taken many faces over the years from textiles and manufacturing to tech and finance. What the borough is experiencing right now is a resurgence of traditional maker crafts updated to suit the 21st Century – ventures financed by crowdfunding for example – and an emergence of high-end design and manufacturing taking place in small towns like Halifax, Hebden Bridge and beyond that would at one time been the preserve of cities like Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

As a centre of innovation and a hub for start-up business, Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre prides itself on being able to support and celebrate this diverse and growing sector of creative and digital talent.

To find out more about Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre click here. If you are business located in Calderdale and believe you have what it takes to be part of Industry Rising, contact [email protected]