South Pennines LEADER Programme – giving grants to rural businesses

The South Pennines LEADER Programme has a budget of £1,269,000 and runs until 2019 – 2020. There is still over £400,000 to allocate to projects, with grant support available for small businesses, tourism projects, community ventures, farm and forestry businesses.

Up to 40% grant funding is available with a minimum grant of £2,500 for projects which create jobs, help businesses and rural communities to grow and develop the economy.

Possible projects could involve supporting or diversifying farm businesses, the development of micro and small business enterprises, investment in tourism projects, helping the growth of social enterprises and rural services, supporting cultural and heritage activity and support to increase forestry productivity.

If you have an idea about developing your rural business with a South Pennines LEADER grant, get in touch with us and we can discuss the following:-

• The criteria for projects and what is expenditure is eligible for grant support
• Commentary on the suitability of your business idea and its chance of success in getting a LEADER grant
• An outline of the process and timescale
• The importance of cashflow, as the grant is paid in arrears
• Advice on developing your Expression of Interest
• Who does what and next steps (including ongoing support for any grant applications)

If you are not sure if your businesses is located in the South Pennines LEADER area, have a look at this map, South Pennines LEADER Area to see if it includes your location. You can also email your project postcode to [email protected] or ring 01422 264685 to check that you are in the area and you will find more information on the website – South Pennines LEADER Programme on Facebook or Twitter.