HOT is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. Individuals or organisations based in Calderdale can become a member of the Trust and information about membership can be found here. Our trustees are drawn from our membership and ensure we stay true to our charitable objectives. They also act as directors of the company. Our trustees live and/or work in the local community that we serve, and include those who currently use or have used HOTs services in the past.

Members and Directors/Trustees

Currently, our trustees are:

Sally Morrell
Twitter: @sallyemorrell

Hilary Barber
LinkedIn     Twitter: @HalifaxMinster

Richard Hemblys

Pauline Nash
Pauline has been a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Calderdale for several years and has supported Halifax Opportunites Trust since it’s inception in 2000.
“Halifax Opportunities Trust has been part of my life for a long time. Back in the day I had a project lasting 4 years with the original SRB and well, apart from the odd year or so, never left!”
Twitter: @pauline_nash11

Rizwana Rehman

Ruksana Boston

Shabir Hussain
LinkedIn      Twitter: @ShabirH1970

Asmat Ali

Khalid Saeed

Jon Craven
Jon lives in Calderdale and has spent most of his career with mutual businesses.
“I hope to support the Trust with my knowledge of the local area and the third sector.”

Helen Wright
Keeps herself busy by trying to improve local health and care services for people and communities in Calderdale through Healthwatch, by making sure that the public’s voice really counts.
“I’m really drawn to Halifax Opportunities Trust’s ambition to create multi-cultural and self-sustaining communities – I think Calderdale is great place to live, full of fabulous people, and I’m really keen to play my part in making sure that everyone who lives here is seen as a valuable asset.”
LinkedIn     Twitter: @helenwhwc

Jeannette Harkness
Jeanette also has a background in teaching Self Esteem and Confidence Building in Adult Education and for many years she has designed and delivered training and coaching in personal development and effectiveness. She now manages Positive Days, a consultancy focused on helping people achieve change in their lives, whatever that may be.
“I decided to apply to be a Trustee because I thought, with all my knowledge and experience of working with groups and individuals who have all wanted or needed to make changes in their lives then I could be of benefit to the Board. I like being useful and having something to do and I love helping people to move on in whatever direction they choose to make change in their lives.”

Tim Male LinkedIn

You can find all governance information, including our Memorandum and Articles of Association and Annual Reports on the Charity Commission website.

HOT is sole shareholder in two trading subsidiary companies (Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre Ltd and Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre Ltd) which run our two business centres. The directors have commercial skills related to managed workspace and building management/development. You can find the information for each of these companies on the Companies House website here for Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre and here for Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre.