Community Organisers

Halifax Opportunities Trust has been awarded ‘Social Action Hub’ status (& funding) by Community Organisers Ltd. This means we’ll be able to deliver Community Organising training to local residents, HOT staff & volunteers and anyone else who is interested in the approach. Community organising was developed in the USA by Saul Alinsky and its most famous proponent was Barack Obama, who was an Organiser in Chicago. It is a form of community development that focuses on community and collective power, enabling direct social action by local people.

Community organising training session at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre.

Our community organisers are out and about in Park Ward carrying out listening activities and engaging with the local community to get a feel for the issues facing Park Ward residents. Keep check back here or on our news pages for more information, or follow along on Twitter @letsgsa

Community Organiser Training

This course is a starting point for anybody who is interested in community organising. It will help you begin to understand what community organising involves and what it looks like in the real world. You will be introduced to the foundations of community organising: listening, power, and action.

Community organisers reach out and listen to people, then connect and motivate them to build their collective power. In this course, you will start to explore how people come together so that they can understand and take action on their concerns to build community and overcome social injustice.

You will learn about:
• what community organising is
• the importance of listening to build relationships and explore issues
• power in communities and why it matters
• what motivates people to act
• how to take your next steps in community organising

Community organiser training at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre

The course lasts for six hours and usually runs in one day, but can be split across two days. Like all of our training, it is both active and thought-provoking. It is designed so that everybody can take part and share their ideas and experiences. Many different people have taken part in the Introduction to Community Organising course, from members of the community, people who work in community organisations as well as individuals from local government and statutory services.

Providing high quality and enjoyable learning experiences is very important to us. Our trainers are quality assured and experienced in community organising, and our courses are endorsed as quality training by Certa/ABC Awards and as Continuing Professional Development.

To book your place on our next Introduction to Community Organising training please email Ilyas Najib on or call 01422 347392 for more information.