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Being well and feeling happy and safe where we live is an aspiration that we all have and there is mounting evidence that proves that living a full and active life is really important for our physical and mental health.

At Halifax Opportunities Trust we have developed a range of activities through programmes such as Staying Well that enable members of the local community to meet, learn new skills and foster a sense of wellbeing and purpose.

We also operate a community garden in Park Ward – The Outback Garden – that serves as a community green space and hub for sustainable growing, learning and cooking. The Outback comprises of 0.3 hectare of open space, much of which is used for growing fruit and vegetables that are available to members of the local community via our children’s centres. The Outback is also home to a carbon-neutral straw bale kitchen and meeting space which is used regularly by groups as a place to meet, cook and socialise.

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2022-2023 In Numbers

We create opportunities for healthier and happier lives, with intervention-based support and collaborative activities. In 2022-2023 our teams worked hard to nurture and develop community based activities that address social isolation and loneliness, community action, health and sustainability.

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