Being well and happy is an aspiration that we all have and there is mounting evidence that proves that living a full and active life is really important for our physical and mental health.

At Halifax Opportunities Trust we provide lots of activities for local people to enhance their wellbeing including arts, crafts, healthy eating, volunteering and social groups. We run some of these activities ourselves and we also enable local people to set up their own social groups based on their interests, hobbies and passions.

We have a practical workshop based at our Enterprise Centre at Hanson Lane, with a range of tools which can be used to create, make and mend all sorts of useful objects or decorative items. We use the beautiful Outback Garden just over the road from Hanson Lane for cooking, leisure and learning activities. It is also a calm space where local residents can simply sit and enjoy nature or do a bit of gardening if something more energetic appeals.

Finally we are passionate about good food at the Trust! We have a 5-star rated manufacturing kitchen which is currently used to produce meals for local primary schools and from which we hope to develop a meals on wheels service later in 2018. Our business centre at Elsie Whiteley has a very well-regarded café on site (Café No 5) and we also sell organic fruit, veg, flowers and jams produced from the Outback at our business and children’s centres.

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