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Being well and feeling happy and safe where we live is an aspiration that we all have and there is mounting evidence that proves that living a full and active life is really important for our physical and mental health.

At Halifax Opportunities Trust we have developed a range of activities through programmes such as Staying Well that enable members of the local community to meet, learn new skills and foster a sense of wellbeing and purpose.

We also operate a community garden in Park Ward – The Outback Garden – that serves as a community green space and hub for sustainable growing, learning and cooking. The Outback comprises of 0.3 hectare of open space, much of which is used for growing fruit and vegetables that are available to members of the local community via our children’s centres. The Outback is also home to a carbon-neutral straw bale kitchen and meeting space which is used regularly by groups as a place to meet, cook and socialise.

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    Peter’s Story – Case Study

    Loneliness can often be caused by situations out of an individual’s control, such as physical health, which was further compounded by restrictions imposed through the COVID pandemic.  This was the case for Peter*, who was referred to the Staying Well Project in March 2020.   

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    Join us for FlavourFest 2022

    We’re pleased to be a part of FlavourFest and have a host of events and activities planned for the local community, aimed at bringing people together and sharing the great things we do here in the heart of Park Ward.

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