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A practical way to grow your workforce

Whether you are looking to support existing staff or would like to take on a new apprentice, to help them start their career journey, HOT has a range of suitable courses.

You can employ apprentices at different levels, from school leavers, to people who currently work for you and want to gain related qualifications or take a new route altogether.

An apprenticeship is an effective way to build a motivated and driven workforce. The HOT Learning team can help you build your teams and upskill your staff with specialist qualifications in business administration, early years and teaching assistant roles.

Why choose HOT?

Grow Your Workforce

Build a motivated and driven team that grows with you

Apprenticeship programmes give you the opportunity to grow your workforce with enthusiastic and motivated workers.

Taking on an apprentice can support your business growth and continuity plans, while offering an existing or new employee the opportunity to learn while they earn.

HOT Learning works with you to ensure the training your apprentices receive embeds work-based skills and your business values.

Upskill your employees

Qualifications to help you and your employees thrive

Give your organisation the boost it needs with an Apprenticeship programme.   

Give your employees the tools to climb the careers ladder, for a stronger and more skilful workforce with staying power.  

HOT Learning offers training programmes in a range of framework levels to support you and your employees at each stage of your development plan.

Access Funding

Apprenticeship levy funding and levy transfers

We can help you make sense of funding and the best routes to take for the industry and qualifications relevant to you.  

Fund training through the Apprenticeship Levy, with around 95% of the cost covered by the Government, if you’re a small business.  

We work with a number of organisations, who support levy transfers, unlocking opportunities for you and your employees.


The Apprenticeship offer is open not only to new staff who may be joining your teams but also to existing employed staff. There is currently no upper age limit on undertaking an apprenticeship and employers can benefit from a £1000 incentive for taking on a 16 – 18 year old apprentice, paid to them by the Government.


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