Case Study: Developing business connections for meaningful employment


Providing good quality jobs for local people is a key part of the Trust’s commitment to the community.  Our Employment team is based at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre, in the heart of Park Ward, delivering services through a Key Worker model that promotes health and wellbeing through good quality employment support. 

Activities include bespoke, individualised support on a one to one basis, job clubs, training courses, wellbeing interventions and connections with employers across Calderdale.  The team prides itself on having a friendly approach in order to build mutual trust and respect between participants and advisors. 

Building connections

The Employment team has continued to work with local employers and build connections throughout Calderdale, to form strong working relationships that unlock employment opportunities. Through these links, the team is able to accept referrals, support individuals on their employability journey and find meaningful work.

Many of the employer relationships which the team has built are with organisations that embody the same ethos as the Trust and wish to support local people by offering opportunities. The employment team is often sign posted to individuals through community partners, where they can begin their employment or employability journey with the team.

Matching individuals with the right work environment

Farouk* is a refugee from Afghanistan. He was referred to the employment team for employment support, by community partner St Augustine’s.  Over the years the team has developed excellent working relationships with local employers who embody the same ethos as HOT and wish to support local people by offering opportunities.  It is through this approach that the team were able to match Farouk to a role with local family run business, of which HOT Employment is a preferred recruiter for. 

Farouk has been an instant hit with the organisation and is working full time in the warehouse department, quickly becoming a valuable part of the team.  The company wishes to further support his development with fork lift truck training, which is being sourced by HOT and partially funded through the funding streams available via the employment team.  

Farouk is loving his job and is delighted that the company wants to invest in his development.  For the first time since gaining his status he feels he has a purpose, is making new social connections and can settle into his new routine. Farouk and his employer will continue to be supported where needed with our Advisor just a phone call away. 

*name changed to protect identity

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