‘People & Places’ Exhibition of Photography at Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre

A new exhibition of Trust wide photography is now on display at our subsidiary the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre.  The name of this exhibition is ‘People & Places’ and this is the essence of what Photographer Sarah Mason tried to capture in this series of images.

The exhibition allows you to see a small snapshot of what is happening across the Trust; you can meet the volunteers at The Outback Community Kitchen and Garden and that support the Staying Well Project at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre, see healthy and nutritious school meals being cooked in our Outfront Kitchen for the primary school children across the district and take a glimpse into the employment and training services we offer to help people back into work and integrate better into society.

Many volunteers and programme users feature as part of the exhibition and we wanted to do a special series of blogs looking more closely at the people in the pictures.


Meet Mohammed  Meshmeshmetein.

He is currently enrolled on the ESOL/Citizenship programme which is funded under the Calderdale Syrian Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Scheme. The aim of the programme is to meet the wider settlement needs of the Syrian families in Calderdale. ESOL language learning and learning about life in the UK/becoming active citizens and enhancing skills that will move them closer to the economic market are elements taught within the programme.

Mohammed attends classes at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre and is making excellent progress. He is also volunteering in HOTS Staying Well Gardening Group as well as at Ryburn house.